About Paige

I'm so glad you have stopped by my little home on the web!

My name is Paige. I wish I could welcome you in person, invite you in for a chat and a cup of coffee. I'm sure the house would be loud and quite messy for there are five children and a dog who live in my home. But you would also hear a lot of laughter and find entertainment galore in the antics of my kids.

Our family lives in the heart of Cajun Country ... Lafayette, Louisiana. I'm not Cajun. Neither is my husband, Jon. But we love life down here where no menu is complete without gumbo and rice is considered a food group unto itself.

Jon and I married New Year's Eve 2010, which means that we recently celebrated our first wedding anniversary. Our story is long, but so precious to us for as we look back we see so clearly the hand of God leading us together. Our marriage was the beginning of blending two families with a total of five kids. This first full year of marriage was chaotic and not at all what I expected, for Jon nearly died (not once but twice) and spent the majority of the first four months of our marriage in and out of hospitals. And yet it was totally wonderful at the same time and it will be a year that I will always cherish in my heart.

Our five children are stair-steps ... currently 13, 11, 10, 10 and 8. I homeschool them so our little school has students in the 7th, 6th, 5th, 4th and 3rd grades. Our home is a place of constant motion as our children certainly keep our lives active and busy, but we love the dynamic of our home.

Other than being a wife and mom, I enjoy writing (hence the blog), being a World Vision ambassador, cooking and baking, sewing, crafting, reading (on my new kindle), playing the piano and talking (to just about anyone). I dislike washing dishes or clothes, cleaning bathrooms and exercising ... but I make good attempts and strides to do these things on a regular basis. (Well, the exercising thing is relatively new, but the plan is to do it regularly.)

I'm a rambler, and tend to write just like I talk ... lengthy ponderings about life and God and how the two intertwine for me. I'm conservative. I'm passionate about God, Biblical womanhood, marriage, raising children, and homeschooling, among other things. I'm raising two children with Apserger's Syndrome (a form of autism). I have struggled with PCOS (a female hormonal disorder) and several years of infertility. These experiences have shaped my views and my character, though my hope is that the greatest influence on my life is my Heavenly Father. It is Him that I seek the most and His truths that I most want my life to reflect.

I hope you enjoy wandering around my blog. Please drop me a note (paigikins17@yahoo.com) ... I'd love to chat and get to know you! I hope you'll visit again soon.

with joy,