My favorite homeschool curriculum by far is Five in a Row (also known as FIAR, which is pronounced exactly like the word fire). The author and publisher, Jane Claire and Steve Lambert, are wonderful folks that I have the pleasure of knowing personally. Perhaps I am a bit partial because I think of them as my friends, but I honestly did love the curriculum long before I began to interact with them. The Lamberts host ax excellent forum that is filled with women who chat about everything from homeschooling to health to craft ideas and thriftiness. It's an invaluable resource in my life and a place I go to for encouragement as I travel along this road of homeschooling.

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Here are a few of my other favorite homeschooling websites:

Amanda Bennett Unit Study: My friend Amanda has a tremendous amount of digital unit studies (at great prices) for all ages. My children adore her studies, which are chocked full of information on interesting topics.

Homeschool Share: Ami has a wonderful website that is full of helps for FIAR books and units, as well as a variety of other books turned into unit studies. Great lapbooking ideas and pages!

BraveWriter is more than just a curriculum. It's an entire way of looking at life ... books, movies, poetry times, Friday Free Writes, Tuesday Teatime, library visits, engaging children in the discovery of new words and new authors and new ideas for writing techniques. BraveWriter can be applied to every area of schooling. I love it and my kids don't even realize that I'm teaching them to write, and yet their skills continue to grow. Yay for BraveWriter!

Here are a few of my favorite homeschooling products: