Random photos from our home

Painting the Sistine Chapel ... okay, so real history buffs will know that Michaelangelo did not paint the Sistine Chapel while lying down. He actually stood and leaned backwards! He even wrote a letter to a friend with a little drawing of himself, describing how his neck hurt and the paint dripped into his eyes. So after we studied a little about Michaelangelo and his art, the kids enjoyed painting their own creations using the same sort of paint that was used on the Sistine Chapel (egg paint, which is made from colored chalk that is crushed and mixed with egg yolks). It was a fun activity!

Around the Fourth of July, we studied colonial America, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, etc. One of our many hands-on activities was making "powdered wigs" from poly-fiber fill.

First we covered each child's head with saran wrap and over that we layered an old stocking. Nathan was thrilled to be first to try out this fun project!

Next, we applied a lot of glue to the stocking and stuck the poly-fiber stuff all over it. Messy and fun!

Tada! A powdered wig! Julia can't help but giggle ...

Maddie loved her wig!