Saturday, June 20, 2009


The kids and I sponsor a child through Compassion International ... a little 5 year old boy named Zavario who is from Uganda. It's a recent thing for us, and a way for us to be involved in worldwide missions even though we can't go serve ourselves.

From time to time I get an email from Compassion International. This morning I got one and it included a link for an 11 minute film on the unfairness of God's grace. I watched it and found the message inspiring .... by the end I was crying.

Here's the link:

If you have 11 minutes to spare, please go watch this short film. If you have $32 a month, please consider sponsoring a child with Compassion ... it is more than just food and clothes. It's about sharing the love of Jesus with children all over the world.

And honestly ... for this Southern Baptist girl ... it is more real than giving to Lottie Moon. I do give to Lottie Moon and fully support our SBC missionaries worldwide, but I've never had personal contact with anyone that my money touches. Missionaries will often visit churches and show slideshows and tell us how our offerings help ... but I've never encountered those people that the missionaries serve. But with my Compassion offering, every so often I get letters and pictures from Zavario ... and I can read about how my gifts are helping his family. Just opening up an envelope that contains a drawing he colored for us makes it so much more real to me and the kids, and encourages us to know that our small amount of money is doing something wonderful and good in the life of another person.

That's my personal experience anyway ... and after all, I don't suppose it is really about how we serve or give because God can use all of us in a myriad of ways. Rather it is about making sure we are leaving the corners.

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