Saturday, February 21, 2009

Considering Lent

Normally Baptists don't "do" lent. It's not something we discuss or talk about. And though I've heard the reasons why and totally get the typical Baptist perspective on the why we choose not to participate, I also wonder if perhaps we aren't missing something out on something very special

Please allow me a moment or two to think and ponder as I write ...

Nearly every Southern Baptist church that I've been a member of, and that's been quite a few from coast to coast, only take the Lord's Supper every 2-3 months. I never knew exactly why, but that was just the way it was. In VA, I had the privilege of worshipping at a Christian church for several months. There isn't a huge difference between a Christian church and a Baptist church, but one of the big ones is that in the Christian church they worship through communion at every single worship service. At first, I was hesitant. I was afraid that this special ordinance would become common place if I partook on such a regular basis. But it was quite the opposite ... instead I found that I was growing closer to my Lord and Savior. I was thinking each week about preparing my heart to take communion and my thoughts were more focused on God's ways. Even now, almost 4 years later, I miss those weekly times of communion.

So ... I wonder if pausing to reflect during the Lenten season might have the same affect in my relationship with Christ. I think I will give up my morning computer time, as well as any computer time until the kids are in bed. In its place, I will have prayer/bible study time in the morning, and focus totally on caring for my family and home in the evenings.

I've never once given up a thing for Christ ... well, maybe not going to a college party because I knew there would be drinking or something like that. And yet, He gave so much for me to live with joy and peace and assurance of salvation. By giving up something for 40 days, I can't repay him. But I can hopefully grow closer to my heavenly Father, as I give up an earthly pleasure in pursuit of something more lasting and eternal.

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