Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Little Things

Tonight I'm feeling very thankful for lots of little things ...

... like a washer and dryer in the house. I had to have someone come out and make new washer/dryer hookups in the house, so we've been nearly a month without a washer and dryer in our home. I'm actually looking forward to doing laundry, which might be a first.

Here are some other things that I'm feeling especially grateful for tonight:

* a new skirt that is 2 sizes smaller and fits ... yes, it feels good to be healthier

* wireless internet ... just lovin' that I can be anywhere in my house with my laptop and check my email. Hey, it's new to me, even if the rest of the world has been enjoying wi-fi for quite sometime!

* about 10 pairs of cute flip-flops to choose from and a long summer season to enjoy wearing them all

* My sweet and dear friend Josephine is coming to visit in a week!!! I'm so excited about this that I don't know how I'll survive the next week.

And these are blessings in addition to some really big ones like a good job, a nice house, enough money to pay my bills, a love extended family ... and the 3 best children on the planet.

I'm not having Christmas in July ... I'm having Thanksgiving in July!

Give thanks to the God of heaven ... His love endures forever! ~ Psalm 136:26


  1. paige what a refresher to hear thankfulness! you remind us to be "thankful in all things". i'm so proud of you for losing weight! congrats on the new skirt being 2 sizes smaller. way to go!

  2. I'd like to thank you too for this post. We have so much to be thankful for.

    Congrats on losing weight. That's awesome!

    And is that my old Josephine too??? If it is, one day all three of us need to do lunch! I miss her as much as I miss you.