Friday, January 9, 2009

Here a Peep, There a Peep ... Everywhere a Peep, Peep!

Yesterday I got to do something interesting as part of my job as 4-H agent. I got to drive around for an hour with about 80 baby chicks that were all approximately 1 day old in the back of my minivan. It was my job to go pick up the chicks that were ordered by my 4-H'ers as part of their poultry project.

That was one interesting ride ... heater turned up full blast to keep the babies warm (even though it was around 65 outside and I was sweating like you wouldn't believe in that car), and the din of nearly 100 little chicks peeping was enough to drown out most of my music.

Speaking of music, did you know that chickies prefer country music over instrumental or christian tunes? Until yesterday, I didn't either. Well, I say they prefer it. They slept when the country music played. They were extremely loud for the Christian music, so I'm wondering if perhaps they were charismatic chickens or something ... the louder the music got, the more raucus the baby chicks. It was really funny!

Anyway, the office secretary always orders extra chicks, as there have been years when a chick or two would die in route to our office. As our luck would have it, there were exactly 3 chicks left over after all had been picked up by our 4-H'ers. Seeing as I have 3 kids, you can easily see where this is going.

Yes, I now how a make-shift coop in my storage room for 3 fluffy yellow babies ... Pecks, Snuggles, and Pink. (Can you figure out which chick belongs to which child? I'll put the answers at the bottom of the post.) So far, so good ... no disasters. All the chickies made it through the first night, even though we have 2 dogs and 2 cats on the premises (along with no telling how many running loose in the neighborhood). I'm not sure how long these much beloved pets will last, but it will be interesting for however long it lasts.

Pictures of our newest pets with their owners will be coming shortly!

Answers: Joel own Pecks. Nate owns Snuggles. Julia owns Pink. And no ... Pink is not pink. In fact, we really can't even tell them apart. It's just a guess as to which chick is which, as they all look pretty much the same: fluffy and yellow with black, beady eyes.

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  1. That's just too funny! I can't wait to get my own baby chicks this spring or summer. It's waaaaaay too cold in PA for chicks this time of year! Keep us posted on how your little flock makes out...sounds like another fun adventure for your kiddos. -JJ