Friday, January 9, 2009

Nate's Sweet Note

I've been trying to send extra work to keep Nathan busy at school... though sometimes that backfires on me, like when I sent the Usborne Book of Art for Children. Nate has a keen interest in all things art and he asked if he could take it to read at school. I scanned it quickly and seeing as it look appropriate and like something he would actually read, I sent it with him. The next day, my mom (Nathan's teacher) told me that he was showing inappropriate pictures to the other children. Somehow I had missed the two pictures of naked people in the book, but Nathan didn't miss them and made sure that none of the rest of his class did either.

But not everything has turned out badly. Another thing I sent with him was a cursive handwriting workbook. Nate's been begging to learn cursive handwriting. He has a very neat print and I knew that my mom would be too busy to have time to teach him cursive. So I explained that he would have to teach it to himself by following the instructions in the book. That was on Tuesday of this week. I was surprised today to find this note in his backpack.

Looks like his cursive will be neat, too! (My mother said that nearly everything he wrote today was in cursive.)

He's such a sweet little boy ... even if he does show pictures of naked people to other children! (At least it was classical art and not playboy!) I'm really very glad he's MY little boy!

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