Monday, January 12, 2009

Julia's Lost Dream

Last night, Julia was overly tired, and she tends to get somewhat emotional when she's that way. It wasn't any surprise to me that she started crying just prior to bedtime ... just sitting in a chair, crying softly. I asked her to tell me what was the matter and this is what she said (through the absolute most pitiful sobs you've ever heard):

"Momma ... I know there are some dreams I have that can never, ever come true! It makes me feel so sad! I have this dream and I wish it could really happen, but I know it can't. I'll never get to be a Care Bear!"

Then she followed her sad little story by throwing her head on my shoulder and wailing loudly. Talk about crocodile tears! My shirt was soaked!

It was hard to empathize with her sorrow when I really just felt like rolling with laughter from the utter cuteness of it all. It still has me giggling today.

So in honor of my daughter who will never realize this great dream, here's a picture of her favorite Care Bear. (Yes, she loves them all, but Lovs-a-Lot with her pink fur and hearts on the tummy is definitely her all-time favorite!)


  1. Poor Julia! And yet that's one of the sweetest stories I have read. :)

  2. Paige -

    I'm not sure if you remember me from HH6 - but I think of you often. Mary shoots me updates from time to time, but this one just blew me away.

    I'm SO terribly sorry for all you've been through. I'm also sorry to say that I understand what you're going through 150%. Just about a year ago I caught my husband cheating on me and he too left for another woman.

    I'd love to chat with you, I'm sure we have similar stories. I don't know anyone else in my situation and I know it'd be helpful to me to have someone who gets it.

    Shoot me an email if you'd like to chat!

    I pray you and your little ones are doing well. (uh, well not so little anymore are they! I remember when Julia was born!)


  3. Oh, I feel for your sweet Julia! How precious! I remember when I found out there really was no "Land of Make Believe" and that I would never be able to knock on X the Owl's door...sigh. Would you be so kind as to e-mail me your address so that we can send Julia a little something? Thank you!