Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Dancing Man

As part of the end of testing week at school, HES held a "dance off." Joel tied for 1st place in a 3-way tie, with 1st grader Abbey H. and kindergartener Alston T. (Joel insists that I include the other winners in this post. He's so polite about sharing his dance-off winner title.)

Anyway, according to those adults in the audience, Joel played the air guitar and gyrated like nobody's business. From what I can gather, it was a very interesting performance given by my oldest child, who danced without any inhibitions. Let's just say that Joel doesn't know the meaning of stage fright.

Some days I'm rather amazed by who my kids are growing up to be. And who would have ever guessed that this shy wallflower with two left feet was raising such an amazingly talented dancer?! Tonight I'm feeling challenged by my oldest child to live my life without being so concerned about what onlookers might be thinking ... to live with a wild heart that seeks nothing more than to follow God recklessly despite what the rest of the world thinks about me.

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