Friday, May 8, 2009

The Blue Bandit Mom and other Mother's Day Stories

My three wonderful children came home from school today with Mother's Day gifts for me. It's precious ... sweet gifts of childhood. There is absolutely nothing like receiving a gift that come straight from the heart, especially the heart of a child.

Joel gave me a very prettily colored card with a gift certificate for a trip to Sonic. The catch is that I have to pay for it as he is totally broke! I guess next week I'll cash in my "gift certificate" and we'll go get us some ice cream after supper.

Julia handed me a colored picture along with a questionaire that she answered for her teacher. Here are some of her sweet answers to the questions:

1. How old is your mother? 18

2. What does your mother look like? Blonde hair and very tall

3. What does your mother spend most of her time doing? Well, she cleans A LOT.

4. What is your mother's favorite food? Pickles

5. What is your mother's favorite color? Purple

6. If you could tell your mother one thing, what would it be? You are the best mom in the whole world!

Now, how's that last one for melting a mom's heart?! Of course, her answer to the question about my age made me feel pretty good, too!

Perhaps Nathan's gift was the most interesting ... He made me breakfast in bed in a bag. He decorated his lunch sack with a picture of me sleeping. Here's a scanned image of it:

Note the blue sleep mask that I'm wearing, along with the beautiful pink bow on top of my head. I look like The Blue Bandit or something! I don't know where he gets the impression that I sleep with a sleep mask or a bow in my hair, but he has certainly made me look very lovely in my bed.

On the back of the bag was a poem that read:
Since it is your day,
I have something to say:
Don't lift your head.
Have breakfast in bed!
Just take a look ...
You don't have to cook!
I don't like to brag
But here is breakfast in a bag!
Happy Mother's Day 2009

Inside the bag was a granola bar and a juice box, and another card. This card was created by Nathan just for me. In his extra-nice handwriting, he had written "I'm multiplying my love for you, Momma!" And then he written out a whole bunch of multiplication facts underneath. Very cute!

So as I was driving Mr. Nate to art class, he said, "Mom, I'm really thirsty and hungry." I told him that I didn't have any snacks. He said, "Well, you could share your breakfast with me." So I gave him the granola bar and juice box. Now isn't that just a like a man!

Such sweet gifts from my sweeties! I've been made to feel loved already and my special day hasn't even arrived. I know I have one gift coming on Sunday ... I bought a bible cover and gave it to my mother to have the kids give to me. I'll be surprised on Sunday, though. :)

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