Wednesday, May 6, 2009

God's Magnificent Provisions

I am amazed ...

God's blessing me in a mighty way. I can't even describe the depth of love I am feeling from my loving Heavenly Father. He is pouring out His lavish love upon and I'm overwhelmed! Here are a few of the things going on that are nothing but gifts straight from the hand of God:

1. I found out that Julia's dance teacher gives dance lessons in our new town, so next fall she can continue dance without having to switch teachers.

2. Nathan's art teacher also gives art lessons in the new town, so he is set to continue art with his same teacher as well.

3. The man who does my yard work also does yard work in the new town. That means that I can continue to get great yard care at a wonderful price!

4. I have a new friend in my new town ... Kim. She was introduced to me at random several weeks ago. She has a son with Asperger's (like Joel) and knows who to talk to at the school board office and which teachers to request, etc. She also has been through a similar divorce situation, and so she relates so very much to being a single mother with a special needs child. And, she cuts hair, so I already know who I can go to for hair cuts! YAY!

Every day I'm finding more and more confirmation that is indeed God's plan for my life, and He is being so merciful to me as I begin this new season in my life. I'm anxiously awaiting all that God has for me and the kids in our new home!


  1. Praising the Father with you, friend!

  2. So good to see God's faithfulness in your life. I'm so pleased to see that you have so much to be joyful about! Thank you for sharing these victories. We'll see you in a couple of weeks for terry's wedding.