Friday, May 15, 2009

My Future Grandchildren

I only have 3 children ... and they are no where near having children of their own. However, they are already planning to ensure that I end up with 78 grandkids! It is rather shocking to me too, but it seems to be the consensus among them that they should each have 26 kids so that they can name them from A to Z.

Joel wants all boys. Julia wants all girls. Nathan stated that he would have 13 boys and 13 girls because he wanted to be "fair" to his wife. That was awfully nice of him, don't you think?

Tonight's great entertainment was 3 kids laying on the floor writing out a list of names for these future children. I'll share their lists with you:

Joel's Names:
Adam, Barry, Chris, Derek, Eric, Frank, Grange, Henry, Iracus, Joel, Kart, Lopsy, Marvin, Noel, Opman, Pick, Quennel, Rick, Som, Tucker, Uranus, Varcus, Walden, Xaiver, Yiracus, and Zeptar.

Nathan's Names:
Amos, Beatrice, Calista, Daniel, Elexia, Franklin, Gorgan, Harold, Ignatious, Jessica, Kathy, Linus, Malik, Nathan the 2nd, Oliver, Petrinus, Queenie, Rick, Stacie, Todd, Ursula, Victoria, Wayne, Xavier, Yolanda and Zavian.

Julia's Names:
Avie, Bailey, Cinderella, Destiny, Ella (after Ella Enchanted), Fiona, Ginger, Heather, Ivy, Julia, Katie (after my mother), Leah, Mary, Norah, Olivia, Paisley, Queen, Rosie, Sovinna, Tonya, Uvonna, Violet, Wendy, Xerenia, Yolanda and Ziphorenia.

Some of the names make me shudder! All I can say is that Christmases ought to be very interesting.