Sunday, May 10, 2009

Nathan's Wish

Nathan's wish for me this mother's day is that he could give me a stretch limo with a chauffeur. Inside would be a flat screen TV and a hot tub. Nate says I could travel everywhere, even to work and back, in style!

The very idea of Nate's wish makes me giggle from the absurdity of it. Currently, I drive about 1/4 of a mile (round trip!) to work .... hardly enough time to make good use of the flat screen TV, much less that hot tub! I suppose that it could be yet another reason I am glad I'm moving, as my daily commute will increase by about 30 miles each way. It really is too bad that this is just wishful dreaming!

It makes me grin from ear to ear to think that my son would dream up such a lavish way to bless me! Quite frankly, I'm just glad my son knows how to dream big! I don't know that I ever really knew how to dream wild and big dreams. For some reason, I never felt like big dreams were meant for me ... or perhaps I just never had the courage to dream big because I was so scared of failure. At any rate, my prayer for all 3 of my babies is that the Lord will fill their hearts with big and lavish dreams for their lives ... and that He would bless them the courage to chase those dreams as they seek His will in their lives!

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