Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Kindergarten Dream Come True

Today was a red letter day for Julia ... one to mark down on the calendar and anticipate with great joy. If you guessed that perhaps she got to meet the Disney princesses or the Care Bears or Hello Kitty in person, then you would be wrong. And she wasn't named Hannah Montana's new BFF either. I'm terribly sorry but no one placed a crown on top of her head and named her "Princess of the World for a Lifetime." You'll just have to guess again! Or better yet, I'll go ahead and tell you since I'm sure you'll never believe it either.

This is what Julia told me last night, with her hands clasped tightly together and her eyes bright with excitement:

"Momma ... you'll never believe it but it is true and for real and I am not making it up: Tomorrow is party jumper day at school ... and (small gasp) I am the leader!!!!" (all of which was followed by squeals of excitement and clapping of hands)

I can only imagine how very exciting it must have been for little Miss Julia to lead the entire class of kindergarterners all the way from the classroom to the playground for their end-of-school party jumper recess.

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