Saturday, May 16, 2009

Up to my Knees

Joel was talking about which states he wanted to visit. He listed 10 or 12 states and then finally said, "Really I just want to be the first person in my family to visit all of the states." So I asked him if he thought he would eventually reach that goal. He said, "Yes. I think I will, but probably not until we get solar-powered cars."

I thought that was a curious thing to say and so I asked him why he needed a solar-powered car to travel all over the country. Joel gave me this look of shock and said, "Now, Momma! You know that if I don't have a solar-powered car, then I'd have to buy all that gas and I'd end up being up to my knees in debt!"

Goodness ... I'm not sure how I didn't just fall over from laughing right then! But as soon as my son left the room, I just doubled over laughing. Oh, my! Kids say that cutest things ever!

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